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AKA :iconbetakatana:
So, she did a relationship meme thingy and tagged me because... I don't f*ckin' know. But I'll do it because it's actually pretty good. I'll be using my currently three different versions of Sheng. The shinobi Sheng, the cowardly Sheng and a Sheng I made for an rp with :iconbetakatana: who has a different personality to the original Sheng and is an arctic wolf instead of a hedgehog, and he has ice powers.

Couple Scenario Meme


*Chose 1-6 of your OCs to answer the questions

*Credit the owner who is :iconsophiecinders14: 

*Tag 2-4 people when you are done

*No Tag backs!

*Have Fun!

Q1. You have come home from work or a long day out with friends (your choice). You're tired, exhausted and just want to get ready for bed. So, you decided to have a quick shower before you do. However, due to your dulled senses you fail to hear the shower is already on. Slowly you open the door to find that your partner is in the shower. Their back is turned to you and they haven't noticed you've entered the bathroom. How does this scenario play out?

Original Sheng: *Slowly closes the shower door, sneaks out and goes into their bedroom to kick himself*

Cowardly Sheng: Uhhh... Uhhh... Uhhh... You're messed up for asking this kind of question?

New Sheng: Mind if I join you in there? *Gets slapped across the face*

Q2. Interesting. Alright, next scenario. You're sitting on the sofa watching TV, enjoying you're favorite program. The next thing you know, you're partner is sitting next to you and slowly removing each piece of their clothing. How does this scenario play out?

Original Sheng: Uhhh... Firefly? Are you ok? I mean, I'm all for it but... The kids are in the house! *Gets a nosebleed*

Cowardly Sheng: *Passes out with his nose bleeding*

New Sheng: I didn't think you were up for it again already, but... *Starts removing his own clothing as well*

Q3. Ok. Right, now this time you are out with friends, stopping at a small corner shop café to get a bite to eat. (If your oc is a boy they are hanging out with boys only, if they are are a girl they are hanging out with girls only. It makes this question easier to answer.) Now, the boys start talking about their girlfriends, or women that they're interested in. The conversation soon turns to the size of the women's chests. The girls talk about the men in their lives, which soon turns to the contents of what is in the men's pants. How does this scenario play out?

Original Sheng: Uhhh... I think I have an assignment to get to. See ya, guys! *Runs away*

Cowardly Sheng: *Nervously sipping on his latte, trying to avoid the question*

New Sheng: What do you mean Firefly's flat? All your girls are bound to have shitty backs at thirty! Those boobs are an obstacle for any woman. Firefly doesn't have that problem.

Q4. Fair enough. Next scenario. You and you're partner are out shopping. Christmas Shopping. It's cold and you're clinging to each other like penguins huddling for warmth. You see the perfect gift for your partner, but you don't want them to see it. However, they refuse to leave you since you are the only thing keeping them from freezing to death. How does this scenario play out?

Original Sheng: *Pulls her close enough so that all she can see is his chest, then slowly creeps to grab whatever gift you're talking about*

Cowardly Sheng: (I'll just get it tomorrow. She'll understand.) OW! My back! You're squeezing too hard!

New Sheng: *Manipulates the temperature around them to make it so that they're not affected by the cold, takes the gift and gives it to her on Christmas Eve*

Q5. Alright then. Now, last scenario. You have left your partner to go out with their friends and do as they wish for a whole day. You on the other hand are hanging out with your best or closest friend who is surprisingly interested in your love life. They start asking about the activities you and your partner do concerning the bedroom. How does this scenario play out?

Original Sheng: Dudes! What the actual f*ck?! I'm not asking you how you bend with your woman!

Cowardly Sheng: Uhhh... We don't really...

New Sheng: We had sex once, we have two babies on the way. It might be a while before we have another "session", if you catch my drift.

And this is the point where I say screw the rules and won't tag anyone. Now go do your homework!
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